Church, Pastor Joseph Knouf has planted a church in Orange County, California and he has invited us to help in July!
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Why Orange County?
Did you know that there are over 3 Million people that live in Orange County, California? 3 Million! But did you also know that there are only about 3 New testiment churches in Orange County? Pastor Joseph Knouf sees a need for a church that preaches the true mesage of the bible and the true message of slavation. Jesus felt the same way in his ministry on earth. He had compassion on the peopel becasue they were being lied to by the pharessies. This is why we are planting a church in Orange County, California. 
What Will Be Accomplished? 
Our goal for this missions trip is to evangelise as many homes as we can in the area. This is an important first step on planting a church. We will as be saturating the area with the Gospel. Giving out as many John and Romans as we can and inviting people to the grand opening service for that weekend Sunday. With the time we have, we will also be doing servant evangelism by going to local community events and parks to give out water and juice to people. This is a way of showing people that we care about them and we want to be a blessing by showing Jesus through servanthood. 
How Can You Be Apart?
Firstly, we would like to ask you to Pray! Secondly, we want to invite you to be apart of this trip by joining us July 16-22. Churches start new churches and you are the church. If you can’t not join us this year, you can still be connected with our mission by giving financial toward either fundraisers or maybe even sponsoring someone completely. However you can help, is choosing to be apart of something bigger than yourself and pushing forward real purposeful Kingdom Work! Remember before you give, to pray that God would show how he can use you to make an impart in the lives of lost souls in Orange County, California.
The Cost?
per person