June 17th, 2017 
Starts at 10 am
Our shooting competition is free and is designed for amateur shooters to enjoy friendly competition. Must be 18 years or older to compete.
   The competition starts at 10 am and lasts till noon. A free lunch will be provided in the gymnasium followed by a demonstration of Cowboy action shooting skill by Toru Marshall and his wife, Robin. Toru is a state Champion in three states and #3 in the world in 2016.
  All competitors and observers must wear eye and ear protection while inside the observation area. Competition weapons will be given a number as well as the competitor and placed in a plastic bag and moved by staff to the shooting area. Each competitor will receive their weapon when their name is called to shoot. After they shoot, weapons will be handed back to staff until all shooting is completed or if leaving the competition area.
  There are five targets for each competitor to shoot. Each competitor will have a maximum of 10 shots to hit all targets once. The timer starts from the time the shooter is loaded and at low ready, to the time they shoot their last shot. All shooters times will be recorded and displayed. Each competitor will have up to three different rounds to shoot.
Trophies will be awarded as well as gift cards after lunch to the winners of 6 categories. 
1. 1st place – Best time
2. 2nd place – Best time
3. 3rd place – Best time
4. 1st place – Women (in addition to best time competition)
5. 1st place – Revolver
6. 2nd place – Revolver